Where The Hope Is

By Unknown - September 03, 2018

It doesn’t have to be in religion, it can be in humanity, it can be in forgiveness, it can be in science or love or anything you want it to be. There is hope to be found in everything, you just have to choose to see it.

I found hope in my own hour of darkness in a god, as many others I know have done, but as I said it is not the only thing that can provide a refuge from your suffering. If you are struggling with dark times, I want you to imagine this with me. There are people who look to you, they look secretly and in the quiet of their own minds, but they look. There are others who notice you, and there are even others who have found a quiet strength within themselves because of you and things that you have done. You probably don’t know them and perhaps you never will, but they are there, and they are with you.

Thinking about what lies ahead can be scary, trust me I know, and sometimes when you're lost in the darkness of your own mind you can't picture anything good ever coming your way. All my years growing up I had a close friend who always made jokes and talked about how he had nothing to live for, how he was going to hell and would never amount to anything. As much as I tried to convince him otherwise he latched onto the belief that nothing good would ever come for him and that was the way he lived. Knowing what I know now and having seen the promise of good things to come I look back on my friendship with him and wish I had described the future for him. I feel like maybe if I did then he would have been able to visualize it and begin to believe in it just a little. So this is for all who need the picture of the future painted for them and maybe if he's out there reading this someday then for him too.

There are children, those you already have or those you will have someday who will need you. There are parents and grandparents and brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles who need you whether you know it or not. There are people who love you so much your heart would clench in disbelief and tears of joy if only you knew. Don’t you want to live to see all the things that you could become?

There is a home, be it in a city, a suburb, Hill country or beach it is there and it is full of the family you have created with one that you love. There are moments of extreme thankfulness for the faces of sleeping babies and rainy Sunday afternoons where you cuddle on the couch and hold love in your arms. There are moments of intimacy and connection, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically to another human being who chose to love you not in spite of your flaws but because of them. There are sunsets and snowy landscapes and the smell of wood and sweet cinnamon. There is music and board games and pastel-colored skies. There are children singing and dancing in their bedrooms and riding their bikes around the cul-de-sac. There are early mornings and cups of caffeine and twinkling stars. There are fireworks and football games and good books. There are people who love you, and there are people you love.

This is what the future looks like. It is what your future can look like, no matter how far gone you might be or how unlovable or broken you think you are. It's yours for the taking, so if nothing else, for me do this: take it. Take it and cherish it and know that you deserve it. I leave this thought and my heart with you until next time. Just remember, my door is always open.

-love always,
Marie Allred.

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