It's Okay Not to Be Okay

We hide behind this word, "okay," as if it means that everything is perfect.

We need to learn that, sometimes, it is okay for us to not be okay. It's okay for you to cry in the shower, not leave your room all day, and not even have the energy to make yourself a sandwich. You are allowed to have a bad day without feeling like you have lost all the progress you have made.

Scholarships to Empower Future Female Leaders: How I Hope to Change the World

I am a writer because I am a reader, and I believe that this passion will never go out of style. Though I am young, my entire life has been guided, altered and rerouted by books - some legendarily renowned, and others hidden gems.

When life became arduous for me I turned to words for comfort and strength. I refused to be broken. Words were my safety net and when I fell they caught me. I have traversed landscapes of emotion, faced the darkest parts of myself and uncovered the light. These days I immerse myself in the expanse of my library, constantly seeking to add to my collection. My wanderlust is satiated in the exploration of my own inventions, and my voracity for learning unfettered - rather facilitated - by my gamut of emotions.

How Netflix's One Day at a Time Reboot Changed My Life

Today, after reeling from the stress of about a hundred different things, I turned on Netflix and was greeted with the wonderful advertisement for season 3 of Netflix's One Day at a Time reboot that is now up.

Having last watched the show in 2017 and really enjoying it, I was very excited to see season 3 had finally been finished. However, since it had been so long I decided to go back and rewatch some of the older episodes to get back up to speed.

How Do You Tell Other People? Depression: An Invisible Illness

For the longest time, I was so scared to tell people. I could just hear them telling me that it was all my fault, or someone like me couldn't have depression. But depression doesn't care about who you are, who you know, or what you have.

A Lesson On Christlike Love and Bullying in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

I have never spoken in great detail about this, but I feel it’s a story worth telling and learning from. Growing up in this church has been hard for me.I love the gospel and I believe it with all my heart, but since the day I moved here when I was five years old and made friends with this little boy who everyone judged and hated and mistreated I was too. It felt like a slap in the face for my entire childhood and adolescence until even now. Other kids excluded us, talked bad about us, made us feel worthless and unimportant, and made sure that we knew that we were nothing to them.